Malia Farms was founded by the mom and son team of Maria and Augusto.

The Mom – Malia Farms is the inspiration of Maria. Nostalgic for childhood summers spent at her grandparent’s farm in the Philippines, Maria began gardening at the Mōʻiliʻili Community Garden, taking equal pleasure in growing and cooking the food of her childhood. A prolific blogger, Maria has extensively catalogued fruits and vegetables of the Philippines on her website Maria dreams of living on a farm, growing and cooking her own food and selling the surplus, just as she did with her grandparents during those small-kid-time summers.

At Malia Farms, Maria’s extensive knowledge of traditional vegetables and farming methods is crucial in planning each years’ crops. Maria also creates recipes and value added products for the customers of Malia Farms.


The Son – For years Augusto resisted his mother’s farming dreams, because he knew he would end up doing all the work. But after seeing his friend Rosie’s great experience learning how to farm from GoFarm Hawaii, Augusto had a change of heart. Since then he’s substituted his hobbies of hiking and running on trails for hours on end, for long hours working the land and growing crops. Malia Farms brings him the same joy of being in nature, with the added benefits of adding to Hawaii’s food security, improving the soil used in farming, and the pride of making a living by growing nourishing vegetables.

At Malia Farms, Augusto is responsible for farming, marketing, and sales.

Mission Statement:

Be one of the Oahu’s leading producers of organically grown herbs and vegetables to support the health needs and well-being of the local community.

We achieve this by building healthy soils, choosing nutrient dense crops, and practicing integrated pest management coupled with companion planting to reduce pesticide use.