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Hakurei Turnips
Hakurei Turnips

I harvested on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday this past week, and I was able to fulfill 15 orders.

  • Monday – 5 veggie bags
  • Wednesday – 4 veggie bags
  • Saturday – 6 veggie bags

Monday’s result shows that I can only harvest 5 veggie bags with 10 vegetable items in 7 hours. I was glad that Wednesday only had 4 orders. I had help on Saturday but we also had class time and other classmates harvesting so I did not want to push to see how many veggie bags we can make.

To see how many more bags I can harvest next week, I will reduce the amount of different vegetable items from 10 to 8.

Leafy greens do not do well in the midday heat and will wilt in the field as soon as harvested. I will have to prioritize the greens for first to harvest in the early morning. Or I can carry a cooler bag in the field to store freshly harvested greens.

The rain in the beginning of the week caused the Hakurei turnips to rot and I had to discard over two thirds of what was remaining in the ground on Friday. The Red Meat radish were affected too but not as badly.

IPM (Integrated Pest Management): I noticed more holes and rotting on the cucumbers and squash so I sprayed with spinosad (Entrust) to control fruit fly damage. Also aphids on the radish leaves were on the rise so I sprayed insecticidal soap (M-Pede).

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  1. Maria Toribio

    Excited to see your hard work paying off Augusto! I would like to know what type of veggies you have grown. If it’s what we eat, I’d like to purchase!

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